Week 1

Becoming familiar with the tools in the SMART Notebook software
Training File Week 1 - The Basics

Week 2

Exploring the Gallery and the Screen Capture Tool
Training File Week 2 - the Gallery
Week 2 Challenge

The following files include more examples of interactive Flash files from the Gallery which can be edited. Each page includes the name of the object in the Gallery so you'll know what to search for.

General Flash Examples (can be used for any subject area)
Math Flash Examples
Language Arts Flash Examples
Music Flash Examples
General Tools Examples

The Capture Toolbar (camera icon) makes it easy to grab pictures from anywhere and add them to your Notebook file. Click the following link for a pdf file explaining how to use it.
The Screen Capture Toolbar

Easily add those screen captures or other objects to the gallery so you can use them again. Here's how:
Working with the My Content Folder in the Gallery

Week 3
Now that you're familiar with the tools and the gallery, we are going to spend lots of time exploring files that have been shared by other SMART Board users. Hopefully, you'll find ideas that you will be able to incorporate into your own Notebook lessons to use with your students.

Begin with the Curriculum Areas page, select your subject, and explore. When you find something you like, save the file to your computer and edit as desired. Then be sure you upload something to your page on the wiki to share!

New video showing how to copy a page from one file to another.

Week 4
Working with Tables
Training File - Tables
Attendance File

Week 5
Object Animation Training
Check out the templates on the Games page!
This week we'll also be sharing favorite interactive sites and Notebook files.